Pre-pandemic, most Gender Identity Clinics had very long waiting lists for first appointments, followed by very long waits for further appointments and eventual treatment. It is expected that these wait times will be increased by the pandemic. This website has a list of up to date information for specific GICs.


Trans healthcare hacks


While we're not currently able to provide healthcare advocacy, we recognise the need for this kind of advocacy within our community. If you are in need of healthcare advocacy you can get in touch with QueerCare.​

The LGBT Foundation also offer a trans advocacy service, which covers a wide range of issues, including trans related healthcare.

Some of our members in Manchester have had very positive experiences with Cornbrook Medical Practice, which is based in Hulme but takes patients from anywhere in Greater Manchester. There is at least one GP at the surgery (Dr James) who we know has been willing to issue bridging prescriptions for hormones. If you have other recommendations for trans positive GPs in Manchester, please let us know.


Useful booklet for GPs for treating transgender patients - contains up to date excerpts from all relevant guidance, recommended for taking to your GP when requesting a bridging prescription

WPATH Standards of Care for treatment of transgender patients

GMC Guidance on shared care for GPs taking over private hormone prescriptions

Email template for people having difficulty accessing hormones from their GP or whose GPs have stopped treatment

Recommended reading for GPs on transgender healthcare

For more local resources, see our Manchester Resources page

Trans specific Mental Health Resources

Trans Specific Sexual Health Information

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